Finding a place to build a house for a lifetime is a unique process that each family adapts. The search for the perfect land implies that it has characteristics that fit your needs and your budget. Sometimes the process can become complex by not having the right information or advice to choose the most convenient options. Also, you must take into account all the legal conditions to avoid future disputes. Are you planning to buy a land or plot? Let you know the complete process to buy the property and registration process in the below points.

The property registration refers to the recording of all documents legally as it changes the ownership and other procedures in the transaction of a plot. While buying a land, it is necessary to register all the documents which help in guaranteed legal ownership title to your property. The registration of land protects you from future disputes and frauds and helps you to have an updated public record. However, the land registration process and charges vary from one state to another state. In this process, the transaction is made in the verbal process through the seller and the buyer.

The buyer can visit the site to examine the land and discuss the price of the property. After the oral agreement, both the seller and buyer should have to record the agreement in the form of documentation. The agreement documents have to be made with the assistance of a professional lawyer for secure authenticity. Once the document is done, you need to pay the stamp duty depending on the state. Next, execute your sale agreement and register the same in the Sub-registrar of assurance’s office by submitting all the related documents. Finally, the mutation of the property done in revenue records by visiting the local municipal authorities.