About us

100% satisfactory design for you.

Lingaraj Real-estate a highly prolific interior designing company specializing in residential space design, commercial spaces design as well as services in 3D visualization.Lingaraj Real-estate specializes in bringing outstanding Residential Interior design in all areas of interior spaces. Our main service offering include compelling and functional interior design solution for Spaces as well as Commercial Interior Spaces. Their close-kit team of interior designers and architects are well-versed and highly skilled to translate the client's vision and ideas into successful projects, which works both practically and aesthetically. They are able to put in place dynamic design teams who act as ‘house doctor’ and create living and work place designs that have integrity.

True Customisation

Lingaraj Real-estate prioritizes customer satisfaction the most. All our designs are fully customisable to suit your space and vision. 100% design customization essentially gives you the freedom do what you love to your space.

Technological Superiority

We use state of the art German precision engineering to produce products with superior finish and cut. Our software-based start to finish production line guarantees that each of our products comes out as the best in the market.

Right On Time

Time is the most precious commodity in the world. We value your time. Lingaraj real-estate is committed to on-time delivery of all work so that you have zero worries regarding timely completion of your dream space.

The Heart of a Designer and the Mind of an Engineer

We at Lingaraj Realestate believe that in order to make spaces of long-lasting value, we must embrace the context and for whom it is to be made for. A common thread seen in all our projects is the conviction that architecture should convey a sense of place - a sense of pride and wonder yet feel familiar.

A Trusted Partner

Our firm consists of architects and designers focused on creating beautiful, healthy, high functional spaces for offices, commercial places and homes.

No cost Escalations

Create designs and build spaces that are outside-thebox but still within agreed budget. This is the result of consultation with our clients before the start of the projects.

No time Escalations

We strongly believe in the value of time for all the parties involved. Our team gurantees project delivery before the completion of date.

Design Excellence

Standing out is impossible when you follow the trends. we believe that opulence in proportions, use of high quality create a sense of unmatched elegence.

Growing Client list

250+ clients and growing. Our client list includes some of largest MNC's. Shopping Malls and Restaurants in Bhubaneswar.

Vastu Compliant

Through reputed collaborations with Odisha's best known Vastu Consultants we help transforms spaces, making them in balance.